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A Community of Christians Working Together to

Laying on Hands Build the Church
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A place to learn and grow together

We ALL want to see the Church Grow

Using technology and building our presence online is not an ‘option’ any more. It’s now an integral part of ministry and outreach…

People are going to Google and Social Media to find a Church near them and we have a responsibility to be serving them where they are!

Let us work together and learn how to better use this medium to facilitate outreach and building relationships with new believers.

Why Join Us?

Build The Church

It's our desire to build the church globally and your participation helps us do that

Share the Word

Faith comes by hearing. We want to help you get the word out more effectively to the un-saved

Online Education

Learn how to use tools like Social Media, Websites & Other online applications

FREE Resources

We share our research, content and information so you can distribute it without needing to create it

Marketing Help

Learn how to create engagement on your Social Post's and run effective ad campaigns

Connect the Body

Let's work together and support each other as members of the Body of Christ regardless of denomination

Daniel Lyne - founder of Build The Church

The Church has created a public impression of schisms, and an irrelevant message...

It's time we unite and create a NEW impression of a body that works together to share the Love of Jesus Christ and his offer of Salvation

Daniel Lyne

Founder of Build The Church

Because you need to shine.

"A City Set On A Hill Cannot Be Hid"

Join us today and start participating and learning how to advance the Kingdom of God, and Build the Church Online!

Don't Keep This A Secret

Share this on Social to let other Churches know that we exist to help them build their Local Church and Storm the Gates of Hell!

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