Matthew 28:19

Tools For Churches

It’s 2019 and our world has changed forever… 

Technology is part of our life and the way we interact even with the Bible

Don’t get left behind!

Having a website for your local Church or Mission Organisation is critical, as almost half of the searches on Google are for a ‘Local Place’

Jesus gave us a message to put into the hands of the people, but if they can’t find you, how will they receive it?

Bible on smart phone

'Churches Near Me'

Church Near Me Search on Phone Build The Church

This 1 search term is averaging up to 20,000 searches PER WEEK in Australia… 

But if your Online Presence is NOT optimised for Google, then they can’t put you in the search results!

Reasons for NOT being online

  • We don't have anyone in our Church to build our website or run our social...
  • We don't have the budget or can't afford to get online
  • We don't know how to put our information online
  • We don't think being online is that important

Jesus didn’t tell the woman in John 4 to ‘Go to Church’ but he met her where she was at…

You have a responsibility to meet people where they are at, and bring the message to them!

We are removing ALL the barriers and excuses for you so that Your Church can be found online when someone in your area searches for ‘Churches near me’


(That means we build it & run it, and you pay ONLY what you want or can afford)

If you need help with your Church website or online presence then WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Just click the button below to get started!

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?

Romans 10:13-14

Why You Need A Website


A properly built website that meets the SEO criteria that Google uses for ranking will allow you to be found in searches

feed your flock

Meet the needs of your congregation between Sunday's with teaching and content to strengthen and support


Give your local community something that can transform their lives through written content - Romans 10:14

Let's Grow The Church Together

Don't let your budget stop you

Our Mission is simple… Spread The Gospel!

We want EVERY Church to have the ability to reach their local community regardless of their financial position. 

So, please contact us to build your Website & Online needs so that the Gospel Message is available to your local area!

Website Setup

Getting Your Church Online
  • Custom Website
  • All Standard Features
  • Site Security (SSL)
  • Email Accounts Setup
  • Social Profile Assistance
  • Integration Support

Management PLUS

GROWING Your Church Online
  • Website Hosting
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Email Accounts Support
  • Integration Support
  • Unlimited Content 'Updates'
  • Daily Social Media Posting


Keeping Your Church Online
  • Website Hosting
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Email Accounts Support
  • Integration Support
  • Unlimited Content 'Updates'

Get Started by Completing the Form below

And as ye go, PREACH, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:

FREELY ye have received, FREELY GIVE

What WOULD your Church website Include

Custom Home Page

We make sure that your website reflects your local congregation and the unique dynamics that set you apart

Contact Information

It's not just for SEO... The people need to be able to find you too. Google Map integrations are a MUST


The best way to get the message of the Kingdom into the hands of your local community is with content

Sermons Archive

Faith comes by HEARING! A fully searchable sermon archive is a great way to get the Word into them

Prayer Requests

Interceding is our weapon. The Prayer Request form is an easy way to capture the needs of the locals

Giving Financially

Offerings, tithes or simply Tribute Donations can all be received easily through your website

Events Calendar

Increasing the attendance rate of your Youth Groups, Services and other Ministries is easier this way

New Here

Making people feel welcomed and informed about what to expect on their first visit

Ministry Team

Let people meet and get to know who they can connect with for your different ministries on offer

And more...

Social Media Services

Inspirational Quote for Build The Church Online

Social Account Setup

If you don’t have Social Accounts already setup then we will take care of that for you.

We ensure that you are on the major channels so you can reach people in the most convenient place for them.

Bible Verse for Build the Church

Daily Posting

Not sure what you should post every day? That’s ok. We do…

Just say the word and we can get post’s going on your profiles every day of the week to ensure that people are hearing the message

Bible Challenge for Build the Church

Get Started

There are no more reasons why you are not on Social every day…

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Frequently asked questions

You don’t! (You don’t need a building either… Jesus met them on the hills)

But, having a website is like having a building!

With having a Church Website, you are able to create a ‘building’ that is open 24 hours, sharing the Gospel of Christ, and connecting with the Local Community around you!

Isn’t that what we are here for?

Google uses a number of criteria to rank a website in the search results. However there are a few things that they like to see.

1 is a good website that is SEO Optimised and performing at or above their expected metrics of speed, mobile first view, Page size, bounce rate and up-to-date codebase. 

With Local SEO Data and current ‘NAP’ (Name, Address, Phone) details, Google will love showing your website to people in your area searching for help.

NO! All of our services are provided as a love gift from us to the ‘global church’.

However, we do have cost’s involved in running the servers, plugin and application costs and paying staff to manage the work.

So we encourage any Church or local members of the Church to make Donations as they can to assist us in keeping the work going.

Why do we need monthly management?

Our goal is to actually help your church grow, not just build websites!

If we built a website and then let it sit still, within a month it would be outdated and susceptible to hackers and malicious software. This is a fact of nature in the online world. Google doesn’t like sites that are not kept up to date, and they blacklist sites that have violated their policies. (found with malicious/hacked code or content that was inserted on a hacked site)

You would not want this, and neither do we!

By having a Monthly Management program in place will mean that your site is kept up to date, and backed up on regular intervals. It also means that you can focus on building relationships in person knowing that we are focusing on keeping your site performing at it’s best.

You don’t want a pretty looking website that no-one knows exists. 

That is a liability and not an asset.

We get it! 

You are looking at options and when you don’t understand the industry everything seems the same…

We don’t know how to arrange flowers, build a kitchen or fix plumbing issues. But we are experts on how to build and rank a website!

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace… They all have the same thing in common. 

A platform that lets ANYONE ‘drag & drop’ content to build a website. 

There are many factors as outlined above that affect your site being found online by google and the other search engines.

We have built thousands of web pages and understand the different factors that affect conversions on the page, as well as algorithms and technical aspects the search engines are looking for.

In short, No.

But that depends on what you are referring to. 

With the site build, we do set you up on our servers that we manage and build using plugins that we pay for. So in order to utilise our resources, you will need to stay working with us.

However in regards to wanting to move your service elsewhere in the future, then the answer is a definite YES. There is NO CONTRACT so you can move your service if and when you choose to…

When we build your website, it will be done in your name for your purposes. That means you are in full control and are free to move away at anytime in the future.

We accept most major credit cards. ie Visa, Mastercard, American Express…

We are also able to accept cheque or bank deposit. 

This can ALL be done on our ‘Support’ Page by clicking the link here


We may also accept crypto-currency on a ‘per instance’ basis. Please check with us beforehand if you would like to go that route.

If you have any further questions that are not here please ask as we are more than happy to assist. Contact Us

Ready To Start?

Don’t let your local community go unreached

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